Middlesbroughs First Gin

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We explain all about our Gin Journey in this video

In June 2020 we set on a journey...

To create a beautiful Gin to enhance our cocktails, whilst tasting great in a G&T

We set about meeting our own high expectations with a tiny copper pot still, aptly named 'Rona'. At least 15 test batches later we had a recipe that tasted great. Not satisfied with just one Gin, we used what we had quickly learnt becoming 'Maverick Distillers' to create two delicious flavoured Gins too...

Our 30L Still

Meet 'Fiza'

2020 through our entire business into turmoil as we grappled with the endless restrictions. As the year came quickly to a close, we hoped our Gin would be as successful as the new Covid Vaccine - so on taking delivery of our new 30L still couldn't think of a better name.

All our Gins are sophisticated, tasty, made with only the finest ingredients and are free of added sugar, artificial flavourings and other nasties. Oh, and they're all 40% ABV.